About Darlene & Friends

We believe that there is a strong enough spirit, great enough knowledge, powerful enough passion and sufficient bounty within reach to meet most if not all needs within the regions—and that no one should lack in body, mind or spirit.

Our vision and purpose is to identify and mobilize the best of our regions given resources for the betterment of the individual, the family and the community at large.

We will use the best and last tool available to motivate and inspire those in need and those that can help.

We will educate and connect where resources are available.

We will search for solutions where none readily exist!

We will call attention to needs unmet and we will recognize the triumphs and achievements of life both large and small. 

Darlene & Friends Mission Statement:  The mission of Darlene and Friends, Inc is to provide life-changing opportunity for young people through recognition, resources and mentorship, as well as to provide care, council and resources for the senior population, and to provide encouragement, outlet and fulfillment by developing a network connecting those that can offer time, talent or treasure with those whose need might not otherwise be met, and to do so in a manner that is unique, exciting, compelling and rewarding.

note of thanks to

Bill Prather & Staff of the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre
Faculty & Staff of Hodges University
The Honorable Judge Archie Haywood
Earl Hodges (Deceased) & Thelma Hodges

 Jim & Karen Nathan
The Joe North Law Firm

James C. Boyd Funeral Home
The Housing Authority of The City of Fort Myers

Special Thanks to our Exclusive Presenting Sponsor!

**Board Members**

Darlene Mitchell – President
Charlton Rhodes – V. President
Daphne Rice – Secretary
Gail Williams  Treasurer
Samuel Mitchell
Chantel Rhodes
Gloria Huggins
Herman Dorsey
Erma Boyd - Dorsey 
Nancy McGlasson
Preston Daymon III
Bob Perez
Dan Tudor
Yolanda Beckworth
Kareem Hinds


Bertha Eady- Spiritual Advisor
Christina Dargis
Councilman Johnny Streets, Jr.
Dr. Ron Bowman
Rose Eady-Govan
Jarrett Eady
Jacquie Daymon
Shaurie Matthews
Charmagne Eady  
Georgette Hinds
Cheryl Seals-Gonzales
Lee Pitts
Patricia Scott

 Dr. Andrew Weyl – Legal Advisor

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